Daily Claims

CenterPoint Claims Service has experienced professionals stationed in most major cities across the United States.  Our daily claims adjusters are experienced at handling every type of peril and are committed to handling daily claims for you. At CenterPoint Claims Service we understand the sensitive time lines when handling your insured’s water loss, fire or other daily claim peril. Every claim is thoroughly investigated to determine the correct cause of loss, or multiple causes. Our ability to properly identify, document and retain subrogation evidence will assist you in your recovery efforts. CenterPoint adjusters will always accurately identify if the damaged property has any salvage value and make those applications based on your company’s best practices. Each of our adjusters are highly trained and are experts in identifying potential SIU referrals and documenting underwriting risk concerns.

Properly handling daily claims takes an experienced daily adjuster and management team. Let our professionals here at CenterPoint Claims Service ensure that your customers receive the very best service from the start.